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Alien Stickers Dropped by Sticker Savages

Sticker Savages has released countless Alien Stickers from various featured artists over the months. Listed below are all of the alien stickers that were previously dropped by sticker savages. Stickers drops are exclusive, and only are dropped one month and will not be remade. We release a sticker box monthly, so be sure to subscribe HERE to not miss out on any future alien stickers of ours!

November 2019 Alien Stickers

alien abduction sticker
Alien Abduction Sticker

This alien abduction sticker featured in our first ever sticker box drop. Designed by @LilyChuArt , this alien abduction sticker topped 10,000 likes on instagram and had our subscribers extremely excited for our next sticker box. We told Lily to color in her pencil drawing that she put up on her instagram, and it turned out to be such an awesome sticker!

alien smoking sticker
Smoking Alien Sticker

This smoking alien sticker dropped and featured in our November 2019 box. Designed by @Erre.Arte , this sticker features a bald headed chill as a villain alien smoking a very happy water pipe. We found this artist long before our sticker subscription was formed, and have featured him in 2 other drops since.

April 2020 Sticker Drop

alien sticker
Alien on Mars Sticker

This alien sticker dropped in our April 2020 sticker box. Designed by @MartinGrime , this sticker features an alien chiefer smoking a doobie on mars. Not a bad place to be, Corona Free.

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