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Blue Stickers Dropped by Sticker Savages

Sticker Savages drops 10 stickers monthly, featuring ten different partnered artists we find on instagram. Here were showcasing all of our previously released blue stickers, from most recent going all the way back to our first ever sticker box drop in November 2019. You can subscribe to our sticker box HERE to not miss out on any future sticker drops.

August 2020 Blue Sticker

alligator sticker
Clear Alligator sticker

In august 2020, we dropped our first ever feature of @RyanMcc_Art. This is a clear vinyl sticker featuring a “Pet Alligator” busting out of the bag that you just picked him up in from the pet shop! These came out super clean, and look great on just about anything!

March 2020 Blue Stickers

t-rex sticker
T-Rex Powerlifter

This T-Rex sticker was featured in our March 2020 sticker box drop. Designed by @DrDreus , this unique sticker showcases a powerlifting ripped blue dinosaur.

Blue sticker
Trippy Blue Sticker

Baby blue was featured in our March 2020 sticker drop. Designed by @PierreLucero , this sticker is a mashup of his style of faces, galaxy hands, skulls and more all in the color blue. This sticker is also showcased in our Trippy Stickers Dropped by Sticker Savages

January 2020 Blue Stickers

walter white sticker
Walter White: The Last Airbender

This sticker was designed by @SoulVisionz for our January 2020 sticker box. An amazing mashup of Walter White from Breaking Bad X Avatar the last Airbender. Two of my all time favorite shows mixed together into one amazing blue sticker!

captain crunch sticker
Captain Crunch

This bloody captain crunch sticker got featured in our January 2020 sticker box. Designed by @DoodlesNDrips , he has amassed over 150,000 followers, and for good reason. He has been featured multiple times in our sticker box, and has some on the most creative and well done pop culture designs in our box.

December 2020 Blue Sticker

Battle Ready Blue Jelly

This Battle ready jelly is one of our all time favorite blue stickers! designed by @NotSoFriendlyGiant , this jelly is one of many in his Battle Jelly series. Dropped in December of 2019, this lil jelly is ready to blow some Sh!t up!

November 2019 Blue Stickers

rick and morty sticker
Mindwarp Rick

This Mindwarp Rick sticker was featured in our first ever sticker box, November 2019. Designed by @MindWarp_Art , this blue sticker was the first sticker we ever secured and printed for our monthly sticker box.

freddy kruger sticker
Freddy Krueger

This sticker is also featured in our first ever sticker box dropped in November 2019. Its an awesome mashup of Freddy Krueger as a Kroger grocery store clerk. a super creative design by @JimmyJamBoomBam , the first of many designs submitted by Jimmy.

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