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Danny Dorito Sticker

An all time Hit, Its Always Sunny is a modern day classic. Mac, Charlie, Dennis, Frank and Dee make up its cast, and its one of the best shows out there. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” follows “The Gang,” the owners of the unsuccessful Paddy’s Pub; a group of degenerates who loves nothing more than to scheme. We decided to design and featured an amazing Danny Dorito sticker, created by one of our partnered artists @JIMMYJAMBOOMBAM

danny dorito
Danny Dorito

Our Danny Dorito sticker is an amazing mashup featuring Danny Devito as a dorito, putting his head onto a tasty nacho cheese dorito. This sticker was featured in our December 2019 sticker subscription box, and was designed by the great @JIMMYJAMBOOMBAM . Jimmy is a long time sticker savage artist, who has contributed many designs to be featured in our sticker subscription boxes. Jimmy has also created past stickers featured in our sticker boxes. He designed and dropped our carl pikachu sticker, and amazing Freddy Kruger X Kroger mashup sticker that was dropped in our first ever sticker box.

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danny devito on a dorito
Danny Devito on a dorito

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