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Holographic Stickers Dropped by Sticker Savages

Sticker Savages releases ten new stickers every single month, ranging from a wide variety of topics. From cartoons and abstract art to mashups and alien abductions, we drop the hottest stickers from top instagram artists monthly. Here we compiled a list of all holographic stickers dropped by Sticker Savages over the years. We release a holographic sticker in every single drop, with our team choosing which design to print onto the holographic vinyl. Enjoy the list below, and be sure to check out our stickers HERE to not miss out on any future sticker drops.

June 2021 Box

Holographic Dinosaur Sticker

The holographic sticker released in our June 21′ box was a super colorful t-rex design by @Stink_House. This was Stink house’s first feature in our monthly box, a new artist on board, and a partnered savage now! Love the way the holographic parts shine thru with the colors.

May 2021 Box

Cthulhu Sticker

In our may 21′ box we featured the legendary Cthulhu! Designed by @ChrisDudeXD who has been featured a few times before, this colorful rainbow Cthulhu was made holographic in all colored parts!

March 2021 Box

holographic tiger sticker

In the march box of 2021, we released another BANGER of a sticker by @EggZoo. Featured many times before, EggZoo designed this fire mashup of shapes to form a trippy-looking tiger. We made all colored parts of the design holographic to really make this sticker pop on anything you put it on!

Janurary 2021 Box

Holographic Sticker

The holographic sticker in janurarys box was designed by a savage artist @TracesOfDave. This is one of my all time favorite stickers as in features a super trippy 8-eyed creature thats meditating. The holographic parts are only on the tips of his fingers and in his heart center, making this sticker super unique and trippy!

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