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I Voted Today Sticker

As Americans go to the polls this year to cast their vote for the primary, they’ll likely also see which of their friends are doing the same, as their Facebook and Twitter feeds are overrun by “I Voted” sticker selfies blasted over the interwebs. The patriotic decals can also get citizens free food, drink at bars and even freebies at stores! To get the sticker, all you need to do is vote! Get out there in the world and cast your vote to fully embrace your freedom and power!

Standard I voted sticker

Where can i get an i voted sticker?

The only place you can get an i voted sticker is at the polls! Get out there to your local polls for the primaries, and cast your vote to express your freedom! You’ll receive an i voted sticker once your vote has been counted and casted, and you can proudly wear this throughout the day for free food, drinks, specials at certain businesses and awesome selfies to show-off to your friends!

I Voted Sticker Pictures

California I Voted sticker
Las Vegas Sticker
New York I voted sticker designs
Ohio Design
Louisiana I Voted Sticker
Philadelphia i voted sticker designs
Alaska I voted sticker
Alaska I Voted Sticker

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