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Is it illegal to put stickers on gas pumps?

joe biden i did that sticker

There’s a common question: is it illegal to put stickers on gas pumps? Gas station attendants spend a lot of time cleaning up stickers and graffiti that customers leave on the pumps. In some cases, the tags and stickers are so offensive that they are impossible to remove. Whether or not it’s legal depends on the circumstances.

Is it illegal to put stickers on gas pumps

Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania man was arrested for putting a ‘I did that’ sticker of Joe Biden on a gas pump. The phenomenon has spread across the country and is causing gas station owners a lot of trouble. The man, Thomas Richard Glazewski, was charged with misdemeanors for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal mischief. Typically putting stickers up at a gas station is viewed as vandalism and can be prosecuted legally. It would be up to owners of the gas station on whether to pursue that, so technically it is illegal to put stickers on gas pumps.

Many gas stations are locally franchised, so not removing stickers from the gas pumps can be illegal & terminate the franchise agreements. These businesses may also face hefty fines if the stickers are not removed. The Joe Biden sticker phenomenon has skyrocketed in recent months, spurred by soaring gas prices and a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the price of gas is spiking due to supply-chain issues and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Joe Biden gas pump sticker

A new wave of gas pump stickers has hit the country, featuring the picture of President Joe Biden. These stickers are placed so they look like the President is pointing to the pump’s price and say “I did that!” As fuel prices have risen, they’ve been gaining popularity on social media. Now, the sticker profiteers are winning in the sticker war.

Recently, a man was arrested in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for putting a Joe Biden “I did that” sticker on his car’s gas pump. This phenomenon has spread across the country, and has become a headache for gas station owners. Police were able to arrest the man, Thomas Richard Glazewski, and charged him with misdemeanor resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, harassment, and criminal mischief.

Gas prices are still higher than they were a year ago, but the Republicans aren’t getting too mad at the sticker protesters. They’ve posted Joe Biden stickers on gas pumps across the country, which are meant to show their disgust at the high price of gas. The sticker also features the words “I did that” underneath the picture.

Although sticker protesters claim that their stickers are not illegal, gas station owners aren’t happy with the idea. After all, gas station owners are usually small-business owners who sign a lease with the big oil companies. These companies are concerned about their brand image. Consequently, their representatives often inspect gas stations and gas pumps. Any infringement of these contracts could land the owners with hefty fines.

joe biden gas pump sticker

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*we do NOT advise anyone to put stickers of any sort on gas stations, as it is illegal to put stickers on gas pumps, although not heavily enforced. Have a great day and stay savage!

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