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Purple Stickers Dropped by Sticker Savages

Here is a collection of all previously dropped stickers by sticker savages that are mainly purple in color. This range from a wide variety of designs & artists, but have all been featured in a monthly drop by us. Join the savages today HERE

Purple Stickers

December 2020 Purp Sticker

mutant blog sticker
Mutated Glob Sticker

This mutated glob sticker barely made it out of 2020. designed by @Dennis_Gabbana, we printed this with a clear backing and they came out super nicely.

October 2020 Purple Sticker

martin grime sticker
Martin Grime Sticker

Yet another Martin Grime sticker dropped by us. this purple mushroom dude is super trippy, and i really love the colors and vibrancy on this one. This is the 7th sticker we have featured of Martin Grime, the most common artist in our boxes!

September 2020 Purple Sticker

Chris Shiner Sticker

This Chris Shiner sticker is my FAV. called “Auxilliary”, this sticker is showing off 2 people, both in quite contrast of one another. The details and color choices on this sticker are amazing.

August 2020 Purple Stickers

Lucky Clover Sticker

This sticker was dropped by @ilustronauta , featuring a lucky character with the text “make your own luck” Luck is a product of your preparation and opportunity, you can increase your “luck” with work. Love the colors and design, as always from ilustronauta.

Bratwurst sticker

Another dope design from doodles n drips, this bratwurst is the wurst one! a punny take on the ol brat weenie dog, love the creativity and originality on this piece.

June 2020 Purple Sticker

Trump Sticker

This super detailed doodle trump sticker was a savage favorite for the month of June. Also designed by ilustronauta, this has so many hidden messages, characters and objects in the sticker you could get lost in the dumped ol trump.

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