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Red Stickers Dropped by Sticker Savages

Over the months, sticker savages has dropped hundreds of stickers, ranging from cartoons to sick abstract art stickers. Here we compiled a complete list of all red stickers that have been dropped by sticker savages. Make sure to subscribe HERE to not miss out on any future sticker drops.

December 2020 Red Stickers

skeleton santa sticker
“Skeleton Santa”

This was our first holiday box that we got to theme around the holidays! it was super fun to include stickers like this one, designed by @HexYeah on instagram. A trippy, 5 eyed santa riding his skeleton reindeer propelled by FIRE. nice. One of the 10 dope stickers released by us in our December 2020 sticker box.

November 2020 Red Sticker

Albert Einstein Smoking Sticker

This Albert Einstein sticker was dropped in our November 2020 box. Designed by @Elrokk86, this was his feature of many in our sticker boxes! This tatted up, chiefin’ Albert is a piece of art, and one of the favorites in the monthly drop.

October 2020 Red Halloween Sticker

skull and bones sticker
Red Skull & Bones Sticker

This red skull and bones sticker was part of our 2020 halloween box. Designed by @LurkLovesYou , this spooky sticker features a skull and bones with some purple mushroom growing out the skull. super dope and a perfect fit for a halloween themed box.

June 2020 Red Sticker Feature

chris Dyer sticker
Chris Dyer Sticker

In June, we featured our first ever Chris Dyer sticker! It’s an absolute dream to have Chris featured in a monthly box, and we have dropped many of his designs after this one. Positive Creations always, this sticker is super dope and a need for any Chris Dyer art collector.

March 2020 Red Sticker

owl sticker
Red Owl Sticker

This double sided owl was dropped in our March 2020 sticker box. Designed by @TheAndrewJohnson_Art.

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