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Top 10 Best places to put Stickers!

You can put stickers on almost everything like a water bottle, skateboard, car Bumper or Car Back Window, on your skis, on your coffee mug and many more fun and great places. Want to know where to get stickers or slaps?! Look no further, visit us at and become a subscriber to exclusive and unique stickers EVERY month, cancel any time! Here are the best places to put stickers.

1- Water Bottle

How to put a sticker on water bottles?

Firstly start by cleaning your water bottle very well and make sure no dust or dirt are on its surface ,be careful: Do not use water and soap because water and soap can leave scum on it, which can ruin your sticker.

So actually the best element to put is some isopropyl alcohol on a soft piece of old cloth and wipe it down on your water bottle, then use another dry piece of cloth and wipe for a second time your bottle to make it clean and after that take your sticker and remove the back of it so you can access the adhesive on it .Then begin to apply your sticker on the part of the bottle that you want to put it on but make your to put it slowly toward the opposite end of the sticker taking out all the air bubbles from it.

If accidentally you had an air bubble under it , you should apply a dryer and take out the bubbles by your finger slowly so your sticker will not be harmed. Water bottle is my personal favorite place to put my stickers, and i just cover the entire bottle with savage stickers!

2- Skateboard

A sticker on your skateboard is considered as the coolest places you can apply your sticker on

So basically putting a sticker on your skateboard requires 2 easy steps to apply and they are the following:
First of all choose the sticker that you would like to apply on it, then take the sticky and adhesive part from the back of it , then put it slowly on your skateboard.

In fact, riding a skateboard with stickers under your feet is visually soothing. In addition to your scenic routes, you get to enjoy your customized skateboard with the designs of your choice.

stickerbomb skateboard

3- Car bumper

A Stickers on your car bumper is considered as very good idea, in fact the driver passing behind you on the road will firstly notice your car bumper and plate which will lead him to see your sticker, so you can use your sticker as a promotion to your business, also they will help to keep a good distance between you and the other driver, they can also show your beliefs.

So a sticker on your car bumper might have a lot of benefits!

4- Skis

Putting a sticker on your ski is a good idea and very creative way to express yourself and your opinions, some people say that stickers will damage your skis but be sure stickers do not damage your snowboard, but they can be difficult to remove if you want to change them later. Many stickers begin to look ragged over time because of the snowboard’s exposure to water and ice, but there are ways to remove them to keep it looking fresh and clean.

5- Coffee Mug

A coffee mug with a name, logo, picture, or message touches others on a personal level. You can send it to your customer or employee, thanking them for their loyalty and showing them gratitude. You can send it to your friends and family to tell them how much you value their presence in your life. You can create your own mug using designs and pictures with a message. You can showcase your creativity by designing your very own coffee mug. You don’t have to choose from generic designs and patterns. what you have to do is only to stick on your mug a sticker that will give you motivation and make you think better and make you happy.

6- Smart Phone (on back cover)

Nowadays the most used thing is the mobile phone, so a sticker sticked on the back cover of it in a good way without damaging it is a great idea .In fact phone cover stickers are beautiful decorations for mobile phone cases

They will reflect your type and your personality

7- Laptop Back Cover

Usually, stickers are very used on the back of the laptop . Actually, a sticker on your laptop should be applied on the top or the back end of the laptop .Sticking stickers in these locations ensures that they adhere effectively. Furthermore, they are prevented from blocking the screen, keyboard, and other critical features such as outlets and buttons

Do not forget that if you had a scratch on your laptop a small beautiful sticker can cover it and instead of having an ugly scratch you will have a cool and funny good looking sticker.

laptop stickerbomb

8- Guitar or Musical Instrument Case

Stickers can be used on your guitar to make it look prettier and better, also stickers on a guitar are a great idea to make the guitar unique and special , So a customized and well looking will make it more attractive to people and friends around you .Also the process of putting a sticker on your guitar is very easy and clear you only take off the back paper from the back of your sticker and the you the sticker on guitar.

And that’s how you will have a great good-looking guitar, fully decked out in stickers! This is 8th on our list of the best places to put your stickers. two more to go yo!

9- Boat or Kayak

Putting a sticker on your kayak is a very creative idea, you should place it on the hatch lid itself, or place it inside the kayak, which is also an acceptable spot. Hit it with a hair dryer after you place it. Always hit stickers with the dryer after putting it!

Also, make sure that the type of sticker you use is water-resistant.

The best 2 types of water-resistant stickers are: White Waterproof Vinyl and Clear Waterproof Vinyl.

kayak stickerbomb

10- Wall of your room

The main purpose of putting stickers is to make your life more colorful, so if your room was empty or not full of life, the best way to decorate it is to put stickers on its walls, and this process is very easy and super creative that it could make you even happier and you will start to enjoy your room even more. Hopefully, you learned some places to put your stickers, whether they be from us at Sticker Savages or others, lets’s spread the good vibes and vibrant stickers yo!

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