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Trippy Stickers Dropped By Sticker Savages

Over the months, Sticker Savages has dropped some pretty trippy stickers from various partnered artists. These stickers are all featured in our monthly sticker subscription box, but are exclusives and only dropped once. We are constantly releasing new fire trippy stickers from our artists monthly, so be sure to subscribe HERE to not miss out on any future sticker drops!

August 2020 Trippy Sticker

trippy sticker
Pierre Lucero Sticker

This sticker was dropped in our august box and designed by Pierre Lucero. Pierre actually came to paint a MASSIVE mural on our warehouse wall last month, and he is the artist who designed our mailing box! Pierre is the man, and his are is just as sick!! Lots of his art and style in our sticker boxes, thats forsure.

April 2020 Trippy Sticker

trippy alien sticker
Trippy Sticker | @MartinGrime

Dropped in April 2020, this alien @MartinGrime sticker is another super dope trippy sticker. His style is unlike any others, and he will continue to be featured in upcoming boxes dropped by Sticker Savages.

March 2020 Sticker Drop

trippy sticker design
@PierreLucero Trippie Sticker

Baby blue was featured in our March 2020 sticker drop. Designed by @PierreLucero , this sticker is a mashup of his style of faces, galaxy hands, skulls and more all in the color blue.

February 2020 Sticker Drops

melting trippy sticker
Melting Prismatic Sticker

This melting smiley face sticker is printed on a prismatic vinyl sticker sheet. We really love the way theses ones came out, reflecting very nicely depending on the angle you look at it. Made by @PierreLucero , this sticker was featured in our February 2020 sticker drop.

mushroom man sticker
Mushroom Man Sticker | @MartinGrime

This trippy sticker was also featured in our February sticker drop. Designed by our partnered artist @MartinGrime , his style stands out in every drop we have. This one features a mushroom headed smoker chilling in shroomy land.

January 2020 Trippy Stickers

batman sticker
Batman Sticker | @Fiasco_Art

This Trippy batman sticker was dropped in January 2020. Designed by @Fiasco_Art , featuring a super dope batman drawing turned into a sticker.

trippy sticker
Weed Man Sticker | @MartinGrime

Yet another sticker featured by our partnered artist @MartinGrime . Featured in January, this weed man design is super dope, vibrant, and unique in Martin’s style. This one is a must have for all the chiefers out there.

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