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Weed Stickers Dropped by Sticker Savages

Over the past years, we have dropped a few weed referenced stickers in our monthly sticker boxes. These range from trippy aliens holding a weed plant to bong stickers or abstract renditions of a weed leaf. Listed below are all stickers previously dropped by us related to weed, in order.

November 2020 Weed Sticker Drop

albert einstein smoking
Albert Chiefin’

This Albert Einstein sticker is tatted up the sleeves, smoking on a massive J. Sporting a Smasher shirt, this sticker is a super detailed masterpiece with some amazing color and detail on each individual tattoo. Designed by Elrokk86

October 2020 Weed Sticker

alien weed sticker
“We Come For Weeds”

The alien invasion will happen for one reason and one reason only. Weed. this alien looks to be in a field full of weeds while holding a tiny sapling. This Alien sticker was designed by krisnaokky, which was the artists first feature in one of our boxes.

January 2020 Weed Sticker Drop

weed man sticker
Weed Man Sticker

This dude chiefed so much he legit turned into a weed plant. A fire one at that you would never run out of nug. Just pick a piece off your arm whenever you need…. damn imagine. Designed by @MartinGrime , he has been featured numerous times in our box and continues to be a sub favorite!

November 2019 Bong Sticker

alien bong sticker
Alien Bong Sticker

This sticker was released in our first ever box, dropped November of 2019. featuring a super chill alien lighting up a bong, this sticker was one of the first designs ever for sticker savages. Designed by Erre.Arte, he has been featured one other time in our box.

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